Monday, April 11, 2011

Fun Times in New York City

I've lived outside of New York City almost my entire life.  I've ridden the trains into Penn Station and buses into Port Authority.  I've flown in and out of JFK Airport.  For a very long time, NYC was a departure point, just a place to regroup, see family, and recoup from my last trip.  I've only looked at Manhattan as a city that's out there, a city that's always been there.

Until recently.

I guess you take for granted what you see everyday.

After changing careers, I'm a travel writer that can't help but think--wow, NYC is pretty cool after all.  Before, the city was a labyrinth of bad parking and potholes.  Now, I'm eating at cool little eateries like Cafe Iguana and visiting sites that I've never even thought twice of, like Strawberry Fields.  When my friends suggest fun stuff do, I don't really hesitate.  One of the best events that I attended was a Gotham Writers' Workshop.

Now that I'm working for Weekend Notes, I've all new ideas to write about.  My notebook is busting with lists of reviews that I need to write, places I want to praise, and foods that everyone has to eat!

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