Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweepstakes Giveaway for Tuscany, Bali and Costa Rica Vacation

Flip Key just started their first sweepstakes giveaway and as the site states, it is pretty flippin’ cool.  Offering three top vacation destinations, Flip Key is going to award a grand prize that includes:

-7 nights at one of three luxury resorts
-$3000 in spending money
-10 invites for friends to accompany the winner

All that amounts to a party at your house! 

Flip Key will allow the winner to choose from three of its properties—a tough choice when you see these digs.

The Villa Les Rizieres in Bali
This high-end resort features golf, tennis, and both indoor and outdoor pools within a lush garden setting.  Bali is synonymous with exotic spices and tropical weather.  So this property offers a getaway from the norm.

Punto de Vista in Costa Rica
Costa Rica is a crossroads of flora and fauna.  It’s the meeting point of animals flying in from the northern hemisphere and germinating flowers from the south, making Costa Rica a kaleidoscope of biodiversity.  In the middle of this paradise, Punto de Vista’s property has 10 bedroom rainforest mansions for a city escape like no other.

Villa Ferraia in Tuscany Italy
By uttering the word “Tuscany”, you conjure images of ancient empires, rolling vineyards, and olive groves.  The property prize for Tuscany is a country estate complete with stone house and manicured grounds.  An outdoor pool, roman baths, and restaurant-grade kitchen make the house a relaxing choice.

The Flip Key Flippin’ Amazing Vacation Giveaway will continue until January10, 2012.  Enter through Facebook or via their site.  Share the sweepstakes offer on your Facebook status and earn extra entries when friends enter.

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