Thursday, November 11, 2010

Tour Guide to NYC-written, submitted, done!

The best part about researching the Bar Tour of the Upper Westside was realizing how helpful people can be.  On my first day, I met a very-seasoned travel writer named Dave who's publishing his 3rd book on the Caribbean.  He looked happy, healthy, and sane enough for me to realize maybe this could work.  Maybe everything I've done has led me to this moment when I can work for myself, travel, and write articles that are fun!  Dave gave me some good advice: know what the industry is about--the long hours, the research, the publishing.  So far, it's been great especially with Neil's editing and creative ideas.

So my top pick...B. Cafe.  A Belgian Brasserie. I know, it's not technically a bar.  Semantics.

Food is so amazing (mussels--be still my heart!) and the manager is extremely informed about traditional brewing regulations.  For example, Abbey Ales are commercially available beers that are brewed according to traditional methods in Belgium.  However, since they are not brewed by non-profit (requisite 1) monks (requisite 2), they are not allowed the coveted title: Trappist Beer.

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