Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Travel Writing

A few weeks ago, I went to a writing workshop that I had no intention of attending.  But Manhattanville holds such affordable workshops that--come on--I can't pass it over.  Plus Neil was really interested in going.  And I'm glad we went.

The focus was about Practical Writing: blogging, freelancing, advertising, and a super morning workshop on genre writing.

So a month later, I'm in a whole new world of writing:  nonfiction.  Something I never even saw myself doing but was immediately drawn to once I started researching all different job listings.  I've done some petty articles--so insignificant and low pay that my name didn't even get printed on the by-line.  

After a week, I realized that I wouldn't even consider a job unless it had something to do with travel.  Then,  things began to evolve.  Now, I'm working on travel guides with a new company in Vegas that works with Iphone.  Very high tech, very travel oriented.  The two together make a perfect match with all the bells and a by-line and--yes--a payrate! 

I'm looking at NYC in a whole new light.  Not as a monolith of cement but as a source for the beginning of something very exciting!!

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