Friday, October 29, 2010

Live on the Internet

Well, I'm live on the internet!  For only a few weeks I've been taking small, small, small freelance jobs.  Not much to speak about but interesting all the same.  Since I had very little experience, my work was kind of farmed out to big companies who then took it as their own. But I lucked out!  I found the name of one company that I'd written a travel article for.  And BOOM!  Here's my article!  (Dang it if I didn't make 2 tiny spelling errors-grrrrr....)  My guide is on Santander and Bilbao, Spain.

Today, I wrote two articles for a more legitimate company here in the US.  The first one I finished.  It's about the fall foliage in Kyoto. favorite city in Japan.  I'm almost done writing the second article which is about the day Neil and I were on the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky.

So excited!!!

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