Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mile Marker 20

With the start of the school year (and my obvious non participation in it), I had to make myself some promises.  First, of course was sticking to a firm schedule of writing and creation of work that is marketable and entertaining.  Second, I wasn't going to let myself devolve into the blob or pizza-the hut or the guy who sells comics on the Simpsons.


I started running.  Hoofing it on a treadmill.  Watching those dang numbers crawl slowly up.  One mile then two and I'm thinking all I've burned is breakfast!!  How is that fair?  Stubbornness kicked in and I stayed on the treadmill for one hour, jogging, walking, just trying to breathe.  September rolled into October.  Yesterday concluded 6 weeks of slogging it out at the gym.  I finished at a lifetime high score!  Twenty miles in one week!  (at a slow jog but whatever!)

And these are the new kix that I did it in!
Happy Fall!

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