Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freelance Rookie

In taking an firm stance in my writing, I've spent all day today researching the freelance market.  I have to say I'm infinitely thankful to my teachers at Manhattanville.  I've learned so much about the industry from them that when I have days like this (when I am literally in front of the computer wading through piles of data and jargon and acronyms) I feel I have some buoyancy.

I researched two writing brokers, took two tests, and produced one writing sample.  Both websites let me in and now I have access to this behind-the-scenes writing generator.  So once I proved my worthiness, I started searching for jobs.  They don't pay much a penny a word but they are really interesting...and write up my alley.  There are tons of requests for pub/bar, hotel, car service advertisements.

Today, I got overzealous and started researching an article about Metro Ethernet over Fiber Networks.  Fascinating.  I watched youtube videos, read reviews--overall had a good time.  But made a fatal mistake.  i didn't reserve the bid before I started the work.  And--of course--when I went back to the request page it was gone!!! Dang!

But (at the risk of sounding like a nerd), I enjoyed the research.  If your interested, MEF is how the internet is networked through an entire metropolitan area using glass fibers instead of copper cables.  This procedure is more expensive but allows faster speeds within a grid that is not as susceptible to blackouts, hurricanes, and electrical interference.

So anyway, I banged out a baby article instead and am waiting for the admins to approve it so I can collect my $2.  Woohoo! Not bad for 30 minutes and almost on the same payscale as publishing a poem (how does that make sense?).

  I'm hoping another order like the MEF will pop up again.  That was $10 for one page.  But at least I learned something and I'm sure it'll make its way into my SciFi writing.


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