Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The writing life

Inspiration for me comes through the senses.  Up and down the Palisades, the leaves have abandoned their verdant summer hue and taken up that golden saffron amber of Autumn.  I can feel the season on my skin.  The high-pressure, crispness of the wind seems to just cut through light sweaters and thin pants nowaways.  Then last week, I could taste fall as my pantry turned over from strawberry smoothies and BBQ delights to lamb stews and pumpkin pies and orchard apples.

This fall, I found inspiration to write King Solomon's Rings.  The story takes place over the Hallowed Days between Gate Night and All Soul's Day, starting in Round Lake, New York skimming through Monument Valley, Utah and tumbling headfirst into Tokyo, Japan.  Fantastic!

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